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Well, when it comes to the top manga of 2018, you certainly have to add 19 Days manga on the list. it is a  proper manga with a very compelling story that attracts a lot of the manga readers. For all the manga lovers, we have compiled a 19 days review for you so that you can get a fair bit of idea.

19 Days Review

Here is the 19 Days review and synopsis for you.

It is the tale of two middle college boys, Jian Yi and Zhan Zheng Xi, and there each day lives together. however, on their second day of high college, Jian Yi disappeared without a hint, best to come back to Zheng Xi’s condominium 3 years later. Zheng Xi is in university, even as Jian Yi is lower back in high college.

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Story-smart, as a long way as a maximum slice of lifestyles tales, moves, there, in reality, is not any definitive plot or a clear glide of the tale.

The same implies to 19 Days.

“High school boys’ daily lifestyles” is basically what the synopsis given is indicating. but I do not need to seem like I’m milking the tale primarily based on the synopsis by myself so shifting on with the real manhua itself. Proper off the bat, the first impression for this manhua is “simply any other slice of existence, school, comedy” type of “collection” (for a lack of a better term), that is absolutely proper.

19 Days review

The issue is although, even supposing it doesn’t have a very strong tale, you do not need to worry approximately losing interest. I’m able to inform you that this manhua is hilarious, greater hilarious than the Chinese expression “What the fowl’s balls!”

I am able to absolutely say 19 Days’ comedy is one of its sturdy points especially because from what I’ve stated earlier than, there isn’t much tale given as of now. I Have visible a whole lot of comedy in loads of entertainment mediums and I will tell you that 19 Days have one of the high-quality.

The chemistry of the characters and the situations they get into is the best equation so that you can cry your eyes out of laughter and it does properly with combining this with the diffused shounen ai component of it. even though it is able to seem cliché for a comedy story to have this “boys being boys” sort of premise, old Xian virtually did a terrific job executing it and presenting the jokes in conjunction with the characters’ hilarious facial expressions.

In spite of this manhua basically being all approximately the daily lives of excessive college boys, it wasn’t boring to mention the least. The manner the comedy is informed is frequently proven thru the characters interaction. absolutely positioned, this manhua isn’t too talk-based. it could be a bit complicated considering the fact that sometimes, their actions are pretty vague and you would possibly want to look twice on how the characters are performing (or perhaps it is simply me). trust me once I say this isn’t a difficulty in any respect.

In this 19 Days review, here is the crunch point….

Considering the reality that I’ve mentioned how this manhua is heavily comedy-primarily based, it’s absolutely extra fitting than just honestly stating jokes via communicating. With the ridiculous facial expressions that I’ve referred to blended nicely with the complete comical situations the writer puts the characters into, I’m able to optimistically say that the characters’ expressions are one of the most important charms of 19 Days with regards to the comedic placing.

Over the pinnacle reactions and stale expressions with awkward character, the interplay is the best aggregate for the comedic placing.

19 Days Manga Ending

As a shounen-ai manhua, I think it’s a little too comedy-based totally. The manner old Xian puts it, the comedy thing may have overshadowed a number of the boys’ love component. though I say this, all in all, I suppose there may be splendid stability among the two, my handiest concern is simply that it’s lacking a bit on the men’ love aspect of things.

Usual, this becomes a certainly entertaining manhua that’ll brighten up your day from the fun and wacky characters. aside from a fantastic examine, this is very visually fascinating with the insert art and what now not. though it’s quite sluggish-paced and not heavily tale-pushed (no longer than I am pronouncing it does not have a tale), it simply covers the amusement element in case you inquire from me.

And with that, you have reached the top of this 19 days review. For more manga reviews, just visit our Mangazuki blog.


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