Boys Are Boys

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Author(s): Choongcha ; Jq
Artist(s): Choongcha ; Jq
Genre(s): Drama, Manhwa, School life, Webtoon
Type: Manhwa


Boys are Boys is an ongoing Chinese comic (Manhwa) first published in the year 2019. The manhwa just got released so the chapter count for this one is fairly minimal right now. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to catch up with this manhwa, in time.

Boys are Boys Manga is just like any other webtoon for boys but his one keeps itself unique with brilliant authorship. The story is a little slowly paced for some but it creates a little tension throughout the chapter which keeps the reader hooked. Other genres for this manhwa are Drama, School Life, Fantasy and Webtoons.

Jaime is an average school student who does nothing more than going to school, just to come for playing video games on his computer. He is almost an introvert and doesn’t like fooling around with people that often.

He is single, not because he’s insecure about himself, but because he hasn’t found the right one for him. Girls of his age, to him, come out to be very immature and drama queens, which is something he seriously hates. So he decided to keep himself away from such a company.

He does, however, gets attracted to this woman who lives right next to his apartment. She’s older than her, works somewhere, but most importantly, seems to be pretty playful towards Jaime.

He never made the move to impress her. Rather, it was she who was always keen on having his attention and having his company. She wasn’t like most girls, he thought and this one might just be it, he proclaims. And thus starts an interesting in which nothing is predictable.


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