Where is Deadman Wonderland Season 2? [Find Answer Here]

Everyone that has ever watched the anime wonders if we’ll ever get a deadman wonderland season 2 or not. Well.. hopefully, you’ll get your answer after you read this article.

Why is there no new Deadman Wonderland Season 2?

deadman wonderland season 2After the actually really amazing, action-packed and super interesting and extremely mature seinen season 1 of Deadman wonderland everyone keeps wondering why there has been the announcement telling us about the release of the Second season.
Well, let me tell you why.

The reason was that it was horrible.

Now I know most of you are thinking, wait to hold up, no it wasn’t! But it really was and well tell you how.

The girl that was left out of the anime (why there is no Deadman wonderland season 2)

It felt too incomplete:

deadman wonderland manga

Now the anime was based on the first 14 chapters of the manga and the anime itself was a total of 12 episodes which meant it should have scaled everything down to Nagi’s death.

However, several important characters and scenes were missed out from the anime which led to the ultimate downfall of the Deadman Wonderland shiro and later led to the canceling of Deadman wonderland season 2.

At the very start Ganta meets a girl named Azami Gido, she teaches him how to buy food from points. Later, she is tortured, hospitalized and doesn’t return once she leaves.

That’s not all

This was a major event that was left out of season 1 that caused enough uproar that (with other contributing mistakes) led to the discontinuation of Deadman wonderland season 2.

BTW if you’re looking to read something similar to Deadman Wonderland then you can read Dead tube.

The two great characters that made their debut in the deadman wonderland manga, but were left out from the anime:

The first debuted in chapter 8, he was an old hip man with dreadlocks and was around most of the time, he was Idaki Hitara. The second was a really awesome transgender named Chaplin, both of these characters had great backstories making them favorites of people who enjoyed the manga.

They both have a branch of sin as well and they were great main characters. Being left out from the first season placed a huge damper of Deadman wonderland season 2.

Without these three main characters Deadman wonderland season 2 was not possible:

These main characters pretty much carried the show with our MC through the rest of the manga. There could not have been a Deadman wonderland season 2 without them.

The only way we can get a Deadman wonderland season 2 is through a reboot. And the reboot would have to stay as true to the manga as possible because everything will be ridiculously awful without it!

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 Release date:

deadman wonderland season 2 release dateSo far, there’s no new news for the release date of season 2. It was rumored to be in 2018 but that news was made to be false.

We may, very well never get another season for deadman wonderland. And I know, that’s just sad. For to mangazuki of deadman wonderland you might wanna check out Mangazuki too.

Deadman Wonderland Season 2 Trailer:

Well after the fake trailers started going viral people actually thought that deadman wonderland season 2 confirmed.

But the reality was very different. In any case, Here’s the best fake trailer for deadman wonderland season 2 if you’re looking for it:

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