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Domestic na Kanojo Review:

Here is the complete Domestic na Kanojo review.

Domestic na Kanojo or domestic girlfriend is a mature manga which when picked up for the first time can appear to be something similar to other R rated 18 plus manga’s which are categorized by their lack of story and odd and frequent sex scenes and seriously bizarre mature content.

But domestic na Konojo is not like those 18 plus rated mangas (despite having too much sex and bizarreness at times) it still has a plot and manages to pull the reader to an extent into the story itself.

Domestic na kanojo review

The Story

Most of domestic na Kanojo has been translated and it seems to have inspired a large fan base. The story features a schoolboy Natsuo who wants to be a writer and spends his spare time indulging in writing, he has been shown to have a crush on his English teacher Hina.

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One day Natsuo travels to a bar with his friends and finds a girl named Rui who decides she wants to sleep with him despite not wanting anything to do with him. She does so because she believes she will never be able to find love and is worried about dying a virgin.

Things take an unexpected turn because it turns out that Rui is Hinas sister and to make things worse Natsuo’s father decides he finally wants to remarry after spending years mourning his wife, soon Natsuo becomes involves in taboo illicit affairs with both the women, one of which is his stepmother and the other is stepsister, things get heated and the climax builds.

The story does become a bit boring through the middle as there is an aura of immatureness to the characters and there are a few filler chapters towards the end, but the characters are mostly well developed and likeable, people review character development positively and do so understandably so because the ups and downs that the characters go through is consistent.

The art style is very well loved and well developed, in typical Japanese manga style, but the male characters are often better drawn, the female characters mostly have similar facial features and the only real way to distinguish between them is to observe their hairstyles so keep a lookout for that.

Domestic na Kanojo Ending:

Japanese mangas are usually easy to read mainly because people are already used to the reading panels and art styles, and since this is a Japanese manga reader mostly won’t have a problem.

And overall despite the fact that the story is a bit filler and kind of foolish at times, it’s not just about love or Natsou finally getting serious with one of the sisters, it’s also about a young person trying to find out what career path to take and where to go in life, while having plenty of sex of course.

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