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domestic na konjo

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Alternative name: Dome×Kano
Rating: Average 5 / 5 out of 78 total vote.
Rank: 4th, it has 9854 monthly views
Author(s): Sasuga Kei
Artist(s): Sasuga Kei
Genre(s): Adult, Harem, Manhwa, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
Type: Manhwa


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Domestic na kanojo :

There are very few stories that hit as hard as Domestic na kanojo manga. It’s a beautiful story of love, pain, hate and most importantly bonds. The story starts with our main character Natsuo Fujii, he’s just an average high-school student who wants to become a famous novel writer.

But that’s not the only thing about him that’s amusing, he’s actually pervert who want to lose his “first time” with a girl(Yeah, Domestic na kanojo has this kinda stuff). His man topic of discussion with his friends are obviously “girls”. He is completely clueless about a woman’s heart though. All he wants to do is get in bed with a cute girl.

One day(in Domestic na kanojo manga), he meets a cute girl with short hair. She instantly comes close to him and asks Natsuo to have get in bed with him. Upon hearing this, he is shocked and scared. He feels suspicious but his feelings of lust overcome his fear and soon after. He finally decided to go with the girl to a hotel.

Now imagine being in a hotel with a girl you just met? Feels strange right? Well..that’s what makes domestic na kanojo manga so gripping. Eventually, the girl and the Natsuo end up doing it. After that, Natsuo decided to never ever meet that girl. He goes to school normally and hides it from his friends. But even if he does tell, who would believe him right?

Then one day, his father tells him that he is dating a new girl and wants to remarry. Natsuo has mixed feelings about it so he doesn’t comment. The next day, his father tells him that his new girlfriend and her family is coming to their house for dinner(I know it’s weird but that’s a beauty of domestic na kanojo).

When his dad’s girlfriend and their family get home, he is amazed to see that their daughter is the same girl he slept with! He is shocked and prays that it’s a dream but we all know that’s not happening in domestic na kanojo right?

The story takes a turn and it becomes even more complex. Now what will happen to Natsuo? Will the truth be revealed? To know more keep reading Domestic na kanojo manga on Mangazuki.

Note: This Domestic na kanojo manga has been categorized as ‘mature’ so it’s not suitable for people under the age of 18. It may contain violence, blood & gore, mature content  and/or strong language.



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