Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Rating: Average 5 / 5 out of 55 total vote.
Alternative Name: Miss Elf Can’t Lose Weight
Rank: 3rd, it has 135678 monthly views
Author(s): Synecdoche
Artist(s): Synecdoche
Genre(s): Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Seinen, Slice of Life
Type: Manga


[su_expand more_text=”Show more” less_text=”Show less” height=”200″ hide_less=”no” text_color=”#333333″ link_color=”#0088FF” link_style=”button” link_align=”center” more_icon=”” less_icon=”” class=””]Elf-san wa Yaserarenai is an ongoing manga written and made by Synecdoche. This is an ongoing manga, having 4 volumes with 24 chapters released so far. The genres that this manga spans over are Comedy, Fantasy, and Seinen.

In the Elf-san wa Yaserarenai manga, the readers are introduced with the main character named Naoe Tomoaki.

He works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. The clinic (From Elf-san wa Yaserarenai at Mangazuki.me) strives to promote a healthy lifestyle and treat the people having poor diets in their routines.

Naoe feels sad because of the fact that people care so little about their diets. With all the filth that comes with modern fast food, it’s impossible to have a healthy lifestyle. So by working in Sentai therapy clinic, he aims to help people have a healthier lifestyle.

While working in the clinic one day, he tries to treat a patient like he does in routine. But this one ends up in a big surprise. He found out that the patient wasn’t a human but an Elf!

He finds out through the Elf (in Elf-san wa Yaserarenai) that she too has infected herself with the food produced on the Earth. Now being overweight, she can’t return to her world unless she slims herself back to the same weight with which she entered the Earth.

So now having a mission he never asked to be in, he starts to help the Elf to get back in shape, so that she could return back to her home.

This Elf-san wa Yaserarenai manga lifts up a great issue which is today’s food production. With so many chemicals and oil entering our diets, we are slowly ruining our lives without even knowing it. The Elf-san wa Yaserarenai manga aims to aware the readers about this throughout the manga while having them indulged in a hilarious yet entertaining story.

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