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H-Mate Review:

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H-Mate is a Korean manga series that is mainly of adult nature with various sexual and serious and or romantic themes lacking humor and features a male protagonist Taebong, and the female protagonist Jang-Mi who are best friends but after a messy breakup Jang-Mi moves into Taebongs house because of a financial crisis and one thing leads to another after which both of them end up sleeping with each other.

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Before having sex both of them are shown to truly love and care for one another in ways that go beyond mere lust. After having sex, however, they continue to love and admire one another and try to keep their developing feelings at bay so there friendship can be saved, but when things and feeling start coming to light they shown through various incidents, some nice and gentle and others harsh, that they have to come together.

h-mate reviewThe story also features well developed supporting characters that help the both of them decide what is right for them and what isn’t. The female protagonists confident for example plays an exemplary role in her character development. The manga features flashbacks as well and allows a person to know a little bit of the background without making the reader feel bored and without inducing a feeling to turn the page.

The artwork is unusually Korean, meaning that it’s radically different from other Japanese anime or manga. The eyes and facial features are a lot more realistic and capturing and while there is something radically beautiful about Japanese art, this art style stands out as being unique.

The characters have a set of more detailed and better and fully formed hairstyles along with body parts that resemble reality a lot more than other Japanese manga titles do and that is something to look forward too. Of course to the manga readers that prefer Japanese anime and manga, it may need a bit of getting used to. Otherwise, it’s extremely beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

H-Mate Ending Story

H-Mate has a solid story going for it and while it is significantly adult it still features a good story has great artwork and also features some well-developed and well-elaborated characters. The manga reading verbal panel of various Korean manga’s require a bit of getting used to as well but that does not mean that you should miss out on H-mate, it’s a pretty good Korean manga to get started!

Of course for the manga readers that prefer another more humorous manga’s, this is not the story for them, but that does not change the fact that it is a story totally worth reading. Another very interesting thing about this manga is that the main protagonist isn’t a huge womanizer like various characters in mangas are and that’s what makes this story all the more compelling.

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