Koisuru Boukun

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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Rating: Average 5 / 5 out of 55 total vote.
Alternative Name: Bokutachi no Shippai
Rank: 3rd, it has 135678 monthly views
Author(s): TAKANAGA Hinako
Artist(s): TAKANAGA Hinako
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Smut, Yaoi
Type: Manga


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The Koisuru Boukun manga is a derivative of Takanaga Hinako’s debut paintings challengers featuring Souichi’s more youthful brother Tomoe. Koisuru Boukun starts after Tomoe moves to America.The tale choices up on Morinaga and Souichi’s tale in which Challengers left off.

Tetsuhiro Morinaga is a university student with a 12 months weigh down on his senpai, Souichi Tatsumi, who he assists along with his studies initiatives. In Challengers, while sick with a cold Morinaga inadvertently confessed that he was homosexual and in love with Souichi.

He idea that Souichi could hate him due to the fact that he is homophobic and so he said that he turned into going to depart college but Souichi (in Koisuru Boukun) insisted that they just forget about approximately it and staybuddies.

Their story ends leaving Morinaga convinced that his feelings will by no means be reciprocated. On the start of The Tyrant Falls in Love, in 2004, Tomoe and Kurokawa had simply moved to California for Tomoe’s new job and Souichi hears that California has simply legalized gay marriage.

Souichi furiously calls Tomoe to tell him he has to no longer get any ideas approximately getting married but Tomoe had not heard approximately it in any respect on the grounds that he was busy operating so Souichi’s name did the complete opposite of what he desired it to do and Kurokawa and Tomoe ran off to get married in Koisuru Boukun Manga.

Souichi runs around yelling that he’s going to go to the us and kill Kurokawa and get a inexperienced card so he can end up the Governor of California to re-ban gay marriage. Morinaga convinces him to loosen up and drink with him as an alternative and so he is going Morinaga’s condominium to drown his sorrows.

After Souichi drinks all the alcohol they had bought he demands that Morinaga is going out to shop for extra and even as Morinaga is out Souichi searches Morinaga’s rental for alcohol and unearths and unwittingly beverages an aphrodisiac Morinaga has been given with the aid of his friend and hidden.

In the beginning it appears that evidently it had no effect and Morinaga thinks he has been tricked by way of his pal. They go to sleep however Souichi wakes in the middle of the night to locate himself aroused and so he tries to sneak off to alleviate himself however he by chance wakes up Morinaga (From Koisuru Boukun Mangazuki) due to the fact the aphrodisiac has made him susceptible.

Morinaga offers to assist him relieve himself and even though Souichi refuses he still does. After he has released as soon as Souichi continues to be aroused and Morinaga, unable to restrain himself any more, has intercourse with Souichi despite the fact that he tells him to prevent.

The subsequent morning, after Souichi throws Morinaga out of his very own rental, Morinaga goes to the university. while he returns home Morinaga calls Souichi and apologizes and swears to in no way appearbefore him again. at the start Souichi thinks not anything of it due to the fact he isindignant at Morinaga.

However after he’scompletely missing for two weeks, Morinaga’s classmates come and ask Souichi if he is aware of wherein Morinaga has long past. Souichi is taken aback. He simplynotion that Morinaga become heading offhim and is surely concerned and goes trying to find Morinaga but he is no wherein to be discovered.

Morinaga finally returns to his rental to % up his stuff so he can flow away whilst Souichi unearths him. Souichi shall we slip exactly how worried he turned intoapproximately Morinaga’s disappearance in Koisuru Boukun Manga. Morinaga is touched that Souichi become so concerned.

Souichi tells him to by no meansleave once more and Morinaga tells him that if he is to live they’ll need to have sex and Souichi reluctantly concurs. the 2 commencea dysfunctional courting which develops slowly into a romance over the route of the series.