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Legend of Immortals has a very unique manga story that every manga reader would love to read. It is a lengthy manga that’s why we have compiled an honest Legend of Immortals review for you.

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Legend of Immortals Review

Legend of Immortals, otherwise known as Stellar Transformations and Citizen Change, is a famous manhua written by Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi. Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi is an acclaimed writer who is also known by the name I Eat Tomatoes (IET).

Legend of immortals story

The manhua is beautifully drawn by the artist Jiong Biao who really was able to bring the characters to life with his talent and skills.  Legend of Immortals features an interesting fantasy tale full of action and adventure along with romance.

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The subtle romance of the manga set against the fantasy background puts an interesting spin on the story. This ongoing manga has been praised for its amazing artwork and creating a satisfactory experience for the reader.

Legend of Immortals Story

In this Legend of Immortals review, the plot follows the story of the protagonist QinYu living in a fictional world where everyone around him has “internal powers” that they all can manifest and use whenever they want.

However, QinYu lacked the internal abilities, which were otherwise common amongst his people. Due to his inability to be like everyone else, QinYu became a disappointment in the eyes of his father and his family.legend of immortals review

To escape the bubble of disappointment he had found himself in, QinYu decides to find other means to gain powers of any sort. QinYu starts practicing the art of “External Powers” using techniques which were immensely painful and difficult. He struggled relentlessly for years trying to gain powers and his father’s approval;

He broke many bones in his quest but never his spirits. He became a teenager in his efforts to gain powers but still couldn’t hold the attention of his father. His continuous efforts bore fruit when he finally obtained “External Powers”  like speed, strength, and agility. But eventually, what really changed his life was a mysterious meteoric crystal stone – the Meteoric Tear.

The mystical stone fuses with the young man’s body without him even realizing it and as a result, he goes through drastic transformations which give him special abilities; abilities that no other being in the universe possessed.

His unique abilities finally enable the boy’s father to see his son in an all-new light; QinYu’s father ultimately sees his son as the powerful person he always had the potential to be.

After that incident, the story follows the journey of the boy to unlock his full potential and revolves around how he becomes the most powerful version of himself. Initially, this story might seem simplistic to read but once the reader starts reading it, it pulls you in with its interesting and awe-inspiring characters.

It teaches us the importance of working hard towards your goals and not giving up on yourself. And the main reason that it’s still ongoing is its gripping storyline which keeps the reader always on edge and invested in the lives of the characters.

Legend of Immortals is not only popular among the general manga-loving public but is also critically acclaimed. It has 18 web novels which have been officially translated into English and Chinese.

To cut the long story short, this is the complete Legend of Immortals review for you.

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