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So, recently I got into reading some manhwa(Love parameter). I wanted to see how different it was from reading a regular manga and obviously, the amazing colors in the manhwa attracted me because the manga is all colorless. So, keeping that in mind, I have compiled a brief Love Parameter review for you so that you can also enjoy with me.

Love Parameter ReviewLove parameter Review

The name of the manhwa I started was “Love Parameter” and it has a very interesting plot. Actually, it would be fair to say that it had the most gripping plot I’ve ever read(P.s I’ve read over 500+ manga).

The Story (Contains Love Parameter spoilers)

The story begins with our young and nerdy character “Young Hoon”. He was an average looking guy who was; just like many other nerds, terrible at understanding women. He always tries to go out with girls hoping that he would one day find an actual girlfriend but he fails to understand the women’s heart.

Sometimes he would go as far as getting a girl in bed but that to would end up in vain because of his awful pleasure skills. The story is actually quite a normal one at this point but once you get to the end of the Love Parameter chapter 1, everything starts to change. Our main character is visited by a strange who hands him these new glasses.

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Since he has none and is unable to see clearly. He takes them and once he puts them on..Bam!! He is able to see how people feel and their entire life’s secrets! He can now see how much money they made and even how confident they are. He sees these parameters on top of people’s heads just like in the image below. Then begins the journey Young Hoon and his Love parameters.

The Art :

The art of this manhwa is actually quite fitting for the theme. Believe it or not but this manhwa is actually quite lewd and mysterious. It’s a weird combination of both. From a reader’s point of view, I can see that the artist isn’t an expert but I still think that it blends with the theme well.  

Love Parameter Latest Review

Final thoughts on Love Parameter Review:

After reading the entire thing, I honestly believe that this manhwa/manga has great potential to become something big but it followed a different blend of art and targeted a completely different audience so I understand why it couldn’t become mainstream. Love parameter overall, it a very enjoyable manhwa/manga if you are looking for something to pass time. It really does get you hooked and since it has completed now, you really don’t have to wait for another chapter. It has more than 100 chapters so your best bet is finishing it in a week(unless you read like me).

The manhwa/manga does have a lot of lewd scenes but that’s probably due to the nature of the plot. Earlier, when I mentioned that love parameter could have been better I meant that if it targeted a different audience then it might appeal to the masses and could have become mainstream. In any case, it really didn’t fail to put itself in my “Enjoyable manga list” so its not a complete failure 😉

If I had to rate this manga, I would give it 7.5/10. It’s really good but just not that great. This is my honest Love Parameter review and I hope ou have liked it.

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