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Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire is a great manga with a beautiful and interesting story. Read the Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire review and short synopsis here.

Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire Review

The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire manga, which is also known as “Bing Huo Mo Chu”, is a Chinese manhua written by Tang Jia San Shao and Mi Er. Their words truly brought the tale to life and the artist completely did the story justice with their talent.

Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire review

It was first released in the year 2016 and has been translated into Japanese and English for the reader’s convenience. What makes this manga stand out is its unique and exciting storyline of a powerful boy and his journey to avenge his parents all the while trying to become the greatest chef – The Spirit Chef. The plot of the manga is amazingly captivating for the reader because of its exhilarating narrative of the protagonist’s adventures.

 Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire Manga review is perfect for anyone who loves reading thrilling tales, mainly because it is full of deceits and unexpected twists.

Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire Manga Story

The story’s main protagonist, Nian Bing, was born to a father who was a Fire mage and a mother who was an Ice mage. However, both of his parents belonged to rival families which complicated Nian Bing’s life from an early age.

magic chef of ice and fire review

His childhood was nothing like Nian had expected. When Nian was young, his mother was kidnapped by the Ice god Pagoda. Since then, Nian grew up traveling from place to place with his father in order to avoid the terrible fate that was bestowed upon his mother.

Magic Chef Of Ice & Fire Full Manga

Unfortunately, he couldn’t avoid it. His father and his mother were both murdered by the Ice Lord and Nian Bing was caught in a chase by the Ice Lord’s followers. Even though the circumstances were dire, but due to his heritage, Nian had inherited both the magic and powers of Ice mage and Fire mage; along with the Ice and Snow Goddess’ stone and the Fire God’s stone.

Nian was then able to cast both Fire and Ice magic at the same time and escaped the Ice Lord’s followers, something that was impossible for even the most accomplished mages. Casting the spell had left Nian unconscious and he fell off a cliff. Nian was rescued by an old man.

Upon waking up, Nian was served amazingly delicious food by the old man, likes of which he had never tasted before. The old man was a genius chef of his time who was known as “Demon Chef” and “Spirit Chef”. The old man saw a potential in Nian and convinced Nian to become his disciple. From there began the journey of Nian to gain the knowledge of the Spirit Chef and create legendary cuisines and his path to avenge his parents’ death.

The manga is full of adventure, fantasy, drama, action, and magic. The story flow and the character development is immensely exciting as Nian Bing learns to evolve into a powerful mage and walk relentlessly towards achieving his goals. The manga has a very different storyline from the works of the similar genre which is why it has also been adapted into manhua.  

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