Adult manga:

What are Adult Manga exactly?

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Adult Manga is a popular and widely respected genre of manga. Since its first release, adult manga have clearly dominated the industry with various volumes.
Like any other manga, Adult Manga are made straight out of the pure passion for art and storytelling.
Rather than the traditional comics that contain certain kinds of adult content, Adult Manga, with the hints of ero stuff, portray a well thought-out plot with a special emphasis on the connection of the characters to the readers.
Most of the Adult Manga you’ll find will be bold and apologetically explicit. But they come at the front at the right time, whenever the plot leads to such scenarios and climaxes. So there’s never really a moment where you’ll find a certain sensual moment in the manga unnecessary because it all makes sense in the end. This is one of the reasons why Adult Manga are widely popular amongst most the population out there.

History of Adult Manga:

Japan has always had a bold and unapologetic approach toward intimacy and ero imagery. This can be taken from multiple ero paintings that have been seen from the time way older than today. Those paintings are beautiful in the way they portray intimacy and love between two or more people.
Explicit paintings in Japan date as back as 1814, called by the name of “Shunga”, sensual themes of art have been an integral part of Japanese culture.
The same concept was adapted to the manga today. What’s changed is now is that instead of paintings, we see the art in the form comics, where artists share their deepest fantasies with the world.
Today, a vast majority of manga are Adult Manga, with numerous sub-genres that cover various forms of intimacy that are hard to be fathomed.

Manga like Analog Manga is also included in the adult manga category.