Adult Webtoons

What are Adult Comics/Webtoons exactly?

“Webtoon” is a term designated for digital or webcomics that originated in South Korea. Initially, webtoons were only mostly known inside the country. However, in the last few years, digital comics, like webtoons, have started to gain immense popularity in countries outside South Korea.

Webtoons have now become one of the most preferred platforms for manhwa, especially in South Korea, where print publications have decreased quite a lot in the past couple of years.

Basically, adult webtoons are just digital comics with an adult storyline. The themes at the foundation of the web comics are mature and more sensual in nature as compared to the other webtoons.

They dabble in nudity,and sensual activity or discussions of sensual topics. Adult Webtoons sometimes also feature some darker storylines but they don’t necessarily have to be just dark or sensual. A lot of them have great plots that compliment and welcome the exploration of sensuality in them.

History of these Webtoons:

Webtoons on their own have become quite popular amongst the readers so naturally, adult webtoons have only helped increase their popularity. The convenience of reading comics in a webtoon platform has a big role to play in its increasing “fame” in the market. The reason that they are convenient is that each episode of the webtoon follows the format of a “vertical strip” which means that it has and infinite canvas rather than pages.

Readers can swipe down the vertical strip to continue reading the comic rather clicking on the next page. This format allows the people to read it with more convenience, especially if they are reading it on their smartphones or tablets.

Since the adult webtoons are hardly ever published in print form, they are most likely to be coloured than black and white, which only makes the reading experience more enjoyable. The readers can appreciate the illustrations more in coloured form rather than the opposite.

The adult webtoons were first published by a Korean service, “Daum Webtoon” in 2003. Since then it has improved as it adapted to make the experience better. It is currently in its fourth generation, where it has been modified for the newer technology of tablets and smartphones.