Details about Gender Bender Manga:

What is Gender Bender Manga?

gender bender manga

Gender Bender Manga is a kind of manga series in which people are of unknown or often changing genders. Men are usually changing into women, girls are changing into boys and everyone has ambiguous relationships with their gender that no one can really understand.

However, there are several stigmas that are associated with gender bender manga. However, several gems are found in under this genre.

What the genre features:

This genre features Transgender people, transexual feelings, polygamous relationships and basically anything that does not coincide with traditional binary gender roles. There are different kinds of sub-genres that are a part of this genre as well.

The first is psychological gender bending, because usually, gender identity is a very personal and significantly psychological experience. Similar, comedic gender bending Manga are do not focus on the psychological effects that gender bending has on the characters lives, but actually on the comedic effect that gender bending comes with.

In this subgenre, however, it is important that the manga maintains an good mix of emotions and comedy otherwise the manga falls flat. There are different kinds of mystery and horror gender bender Manga as well, however they take gender bending into a very different kind of spin, here, these gender bender manga are seen as superheros or people with mysterious powers.

Finally, romance is an extremely popular subgenre in gender bender genre. Here confusion is a big part of the manga, however, the best thing that comes out of these Manga is that people are just people.