What is Harem manga?

Harem manga:

harem manga
The Harem genre in manga or manhwa/manhua series is generally referred to polygamous relationships or love triangles between three or more individuals, either of the same or opposing gender.

If the harem manga is centered around male relationships, then the manga is considered to be “Female harem” or “Seraglios” but if it is female oriented, then it is “Reverse harem” or “Gyaku Haremu”.

The word “Harem” was originally derived from Islamic culture where it was used to describe the most private rooms in a household where only close relatives or women were allowed to enter.

What does Harem manga focus on?

The focus of the harem manga genre is never really just romance rather its main distinguishable trait is polyamorous men and/or women who are involved with the protagonist of the series.

The sexuality in harem dabbles in a wide range of characters who could be asensual, pansensual or anything in between. The harem genre is structured in such a way that gives room to highly diverse characters, especially the protagonist’s character.

Mostly, the protagonist in the stories ends up in a polygamous situation due to unforeseen events but slowly starts to develop a physical attraction towards the other characters.

Due to the diversity of harem manga, polygamy and homosensual characters are quite common in the series and are usually given preference over monogamy and heterosensuality.

Although, many stories feature both hetero and homosexual themes, often interacting with each other.

Harem Manga Stories:

The ending of harem manga stories are usually not that ambiguous. The stories typically end with either the protagonist finally getting together with his or her main love interest or the protagonist does not end up with anyone. However, a multi-relationship route, even though rare, is not impossible.

Harem manga, even if it isn’t the main theme of the manga or manhua, is often displayed in them because of it being an element of attraction for many readers and it does make the story more interesting.