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Why read Hot Manga from Mangazuki?

hot manga

Manga or Manhua series have a vast following of people who love to read comics. But there are numerous of genres and each genre engages a different type of readership. Like, the people who are interested in action, sci-fi or fantasy stories prefer reading those, while others might enjoy reading light romantic comedies as they appeal to their interests. Yet, every year, there are some manga or comics that break the conformists of genres.

These hot manga series are not divided and read based on their genres but rather on their plot lines, storytelling and descriptive illustrations.

The manga or manhua which are read and loved by almost all despite their genre; readers who normally prefer light comic reading make an exception to read manga with darker themes, or vice versa, because of the amazing story it tells along with the out of the world experience it is able to provide to the reader.

Every year there is a new list describing the manga or manhua or comics that have broken records with their fame. The list includes some of the most popular manga or manhua series of the year; and this year is no exception. Some of the series that made a lot of sales are:

These were some of the manga series that made a lot of money. However, sales aren’t the only factor that define the popularity of a manga series. There are several manga series that were generating quite a buzz long before they even came out!

What is so unique about latest manga?

For some reason, these manga had a lot of hype surrounding them prior to their release; be it a controversy, a leaked plot, an interesting story, a well received prequel, or maybe a famous author or an illustrator behind them that people really loved. Whatever the reasons, here is the list of some super hype indulged, and quite hot manga series of the year.

Manga like these try to capture the interests of a larger demographic as compared to the usual genre oriented manga series. Their characters and stories either talk about certain societal issues or depict the actual reality of the world that we live in which is why people love reading these types of manga. However, sometimes manga are just loved because of their stories or characters and not because the deeper meaning they behold. Characteristics like these are the reasons that certain manga or manhua are added to the hot manga list.