Isekai Manga

What is Isekai Manga?

isekai manga

Isekai Manga is arguably one of the most popular genres out of all for Manga. Isekai is a Japanese word that comes from Sekai, which literally means ‘world’. Add an “I” before this and this in Japanese implies something alternative or external. So the word Isekai means “different world”.

Manga with Isekai genres usually has the main subject or the protagonist of the Manga transported or reincarnated after death, into a totally different world.

When transported, he is given special powers or abilities for a divine purpose which could be eliminating immortal beings or saving the people from an unknown curse. Here the protagonist is given a second chance at life and there starts his adventure as a totally distinct person.

Such storylines are the basis of almost all Isekai Manga that comes along. Throughout the chapters, readers find humor and in most cases, erotic themes that keep them indulged as the story grows.

How are most Isekai manga made?

When it comes to Isekai Manga, the storylines are almost generic and repetitive in almost all Manga belonging to the category.

Any typical Isekai Manga will have the hero transported into another dimension within the first two chapters or so. The most obvious ways the main character gets teleported into another dimension is by dying a miserable death, being teleported while asleep, summoned by the people of another world to save their empire, opening or reading something forbidden or god who’s trying to create his own avatar.

The number of causes goes longer and wider than these. This is why the authors don’t find it hard to make the teleportation or the reincarnation promising to the readers since it’s all so, generic.

When transportation is finally done, the people of the other world greet the foreigner and notifies them about the protagonist has just come to another world. And it most cases, the teleportation is carried out deliberately by the other world to have the hero save their world.

This allows authors to fill in all the fantasies they can think of into the Manga, which in return creates an interesting piece of art that the anime and Manga community loves dearly.

Why read Isekai Manga on

As mentioned, all the Isekai Manga have almost the same plot and storylines we see every day. So what makes them so interesting and fun to read?

The answer is the simple fact that we all love fantasies and thought of impossible turning into reality. To be teleported into another world and become invincible or the master of supernatural powers is a thought we’d all love to have.

By reading Isekai Manga, you’ll never be bored with the fantasies and the compelling development of the protagonist as the story grows with the oncoming chapters.

Isekai Manga makes the readers imagining and believing that they are the actual hero who has been teleported to a new world. A world where we can pretend that we can everything we want in the newly found freedom. Such fantasies make them so interesting to all readers out there.

And this is possibly why Isekai Manga is so popular and loved throughout the world.

Some of the best Isekai manga include:

If you want a dose of fantasy you’ve never experienced before, we highly recommend giving Isekai Manga a try!