What are Manhwa?


Manhwa is the Korean word for comics. These titles for the most part have authors that are Korean or were first published in Korea. The term normally refers to South Korean comics, despite the fact that the comic industry is rising in North Korea too. 

The term manhwa came into well known use in Korea during the 1920’s, when it was applied to kid’s shows and cartoons. Korea was under Japanese occupation from 1910 to 1945, and during this time, components of Japanese language and culture were consolidated into Korean culture. Manga influenced manhwa from the medium’s beginnings during the Japanese control of Korea and kept on applying a ground-breaking impact as the manga industry turned into a noteworthy power inside Japanese culture and started to send comics abroad. The author of a manhwa is known as a manhwaga.

History of Manhwa:

Manhwaga were not socially segregated, and the flood of manga into the Korean comics market strongly affected the art and substance of numerous artists manhwa. English translation of manhwa has made progress by focusing on the manga and anime community. This language is written and read from left to right horizontally. The language is a blend of of english so this language has developed a distinctive form from other regions. It also consists of computer generated webtoons and traditional black and white novellas. Few examples are Noblesse, The Gamer and The Breaker. Manhwa panels is more spacious. Only a small portion of single panel in manhwa have actual content and dialogue.

 The rest are spaces used for screen toning or distinguished art that sets a mood for a scene. Manhwa use colour panels which is entirely a new experience. The world of manhwa is different, and multifaceted: it’s imaginative, and the readers can truly become more aware with Korean culture in all perspectives. Famous manhwa includes some similar from manga. There’s BL (boys love) or homoerotic stories about men often aimed at women. There are various of horror, fantasy, supernatural and thriller manhwa. Few of the manhwa are set in schools. Uncomfortably Happily by Hong Yeon Sik is one of the famous manwaha. In this manhwa you will see the lifestyle transition.The art is very good and one will definitely love this when he will read this manhwa.

Examples for good Manhwa:

Chocolat by Shin Ji Sang and Geo. This manhwa is about a mega fan of a boy band who just plays some tactics to go in some other band just for the sake of her lover. It is full of romanticism and affection and a keen understanding of community building.The Colours Of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa is a romantic based manhwa. It has all about female sexuality and romance. Few more famous manhwa are True Beauty by Yaongyi, Bastard by YoungChan

  • Hwang 
  • Carnby Kim 
  • Oh! My Assistant by MILA YALGAE .
  • Adult Manhwa