Shounen Ai

Details about Shounen ai :

What is Shounen ai manga?

Shounen ai manga

Shounen ai manga, or what can be translated loosely into boys love refers to Mangas and art that features male x male love stories and art. When used outside of Japan, it is often used to refer to Manga and anime fandoms that create art that features male-male scenes and work.

These types of Shounen ai Manga were very common in the 1970s but are no longer published however some of these Manga are still in print are appreciated by women. These Manga feature different kinds of softcore acts that are mainly written to appease a female audience, where both the main characters or multiple main characters are extremely good looking and masculine and fall for each other.

Is Shounen ai manga same as Yaoi manga?

Today it can be used to refer to manga that are softer counterparts of ‘yaoi’. In some places, it can be used and considered the same thing as yaoi.
It is at times can also be used to refer to various fanfictions, but can also be used to refer to professional work, usually fitted for a female audience.

In Japan, the Manga written by the year 24 group, was often referred to as Shounen ai, and whole this manage was not exactly softcore, they are now considered so because they are softcore the yaoi standards of today. This term today is valid when talking about that Era, some original Shounen ai manga are still publishing.