Details about Yuri manga:

Is reading yuri manga worth it?

yuri manga
Yuri manga is a kind of genre of manga that focuses on girl on girl relationships. It is also known as known by the wasei-eigo or girls love and is also called shojo-ai by various western fandoms.

These Yuri manga focus on the sensual orientations and the romantic orientations and aspects of a relationship that involves both women. These lesbian relationships are shown through Manga, anime and even fanfiction, and all of these are termed as Yuri.

Lesbian fiction and Yuri manga first took root in Japan in the 1970s and even though the earlier twentieth century. However, it was not until the late twentieth century that lesbian and gay content become popular and okay to appear in various Manga and various mangaka began writing Yuri.

Yuri can be focused on a generally male, or a generally female audience, depending on who it is written by and which mag it is featured it. However, Yuri originated as a female-targeted work in (shojo and josei).

Yuri Manga in today’s day and age:

However, today it can be seen that male-targeted Yuri is taking flight and is being appreciated by several magazines and readers. These male-targeted Yuri’s are considerably better and depend mainly on sensual content and high defined female attraction in comparison to romantic aspects. These Manga are now being written in a large amount and are considered in high demand.

Yuri manga can be a mystery, where the characters are dependent mainly on the aspect of fighting for their lives and doing their best to survive. Whereas humor and romance are common themes in Yuri Manga.

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