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Onideka Review

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Onideka is an extremely popular and totally amazing manga written by the very popular female mangaka Yatera Keita, she is known for her exceptional work on Onideka and has managed to publish several volumes of Onideka, moving from one series to another featuring giantess girls who save their cities from destruction! (Yes we know the story sounds promising already).

Onideka review

The Onideka review starts from a story where a  supernatural aspect to it and features a lot of action that allows the reader to experience a lot of suspense (alien invasions) and also because there is a lot of character development and really shows the amount of skill and energy that has been put into making this amazing story and bringing all the characters to life in the manga through the amazing artwork!

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In the Onideka manga story, the main character is Kiryuin Hanalei who has worked very hard to become the queen bee of her school and has finally made a name for herself and is actually at a point in her life where she is satisfied. Unfortunately for Kiryuin through, things take an unexpected turn and an alien invasion happens in the city! Very soon, Kiryuin wakes up ten times larger and has something of a malfunction as she tries to come into terms with what in the world has happened to her.  

onidaka review

Soon, she becomes very sad but has very little time to be anything because she has to help save the city before it gets destroyed by those aliens who turned her into giantess!

Onideka story also includes some major supportive characters who are about just as well formulated and have stable and functional personalities like the main character (which is a difficult feat to accomplish for most mangkas) they jump into the story either to help Kiryuin or to hinder her progress on coming into terms with her size or saving the world! Kiryuin is mainly assisted by a boy who can see and understand the aliens and that gives the entire crew and the city an advantage which is a really fun event to see and unfold.

Again, the story even explores the emotions of the characters in this situation and comes to a conclusive and satisfying end, which again can rarely be said about manga’s or even those mangas that have been converted to anime! The manga has been renewed several times over and the second installment features a maid who is converted to giantess that tries to destroy the city this time and Kiryuin tries her best to stop her and protect the city.

Onideka Ending:

onidaka review

The art style of the manga has been very well appreciated and rightly so because it is beautiful and really manages to capture every detail of the characters emotions and is also typically Japanese which is kind of always a plus point! Though it should be noted that the manga isn’t really adult and doesn’t cater to the more adult themes that people usually like in mangas, Onideka is mainly an action-packed adventure about a queen bee who gets to save the world.

So, this is the Onideka review for you. We hope you have liked it. For more manga reviews visit Mangazuki homepage.

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