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If I have to ever recommend any manga, then Only Sense Online is the one that will be recommended by me. It’s a great manga with a unique story but here I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. So, the least you can expect from Mangazuki is the honest Only Sense Online review. So, let’s get started.

only sense online summary

Only Sense Online Review

If you are in the mood of a manga series which are light and soft, then Only Sense Online is perfect for you. Only Sense Online, also known as OSO, is an ongoing light novel series written by Aloha Zachou.

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The quality of the manga’s art is superb due to the skillful work of the artist, Hanikura. Originally, Only sense online was serialized in the “Age Premium” but was later moved to the “Dragon Age” for its continuation.

Its easy-going approach to the concept of virtual reality is what makes it stand out from all the other works of its genre. It’s not as intense as the others but it still packs a punch and is full of excitement and comedy, along with a whirlpool of adventure.

only sense online reviewOnly Sense Online Story

In the story, Only sense online is a highly advanced and new VRMMORPG in the market that allows the players a high level of customization via its “Sense” system.

Each player in the game has the option to choose from a list of talents known as senses and are encouraged to create their own sense for a unique gameplay experience for every individual.

During its launch period – while it’s still in its beta phase – the protagonist of the story, Shun, is convinced by his best friend Takumi and his younger sister Miu, both of whom are die-hard gamers, to take part in this beta testing with them. Shun is skeptical but agrees with his friend and his sister to give it a shot.

The story of the Only Sense Online review takes a comic turn when the game system mistakes his gender for a female one and assigns Shun a female avatar. To further complicate his own situation, Shun accidentally picks a feminine sounding name, “Yun”.

only sense online story

His complications continue when, as a beginner in the world of Virtual Reality, Shun chooses a set of unpopular senses for his character, which his much more experienced companions call trash and make fun of him for picking them.

However, He disregards his companions’ harsh suggestions and decides to keep his chosen senses, just to see how it goes. With his female avatar and a feminine name, the male protagonist Shun embarks on an epic journey full of hilarity and confusion.

On his journey he encounters adventure that he wouldn’t have dreamt of; filled with the excitement of exploring the richly-designed game, meeting people from around the world, facing challenges that he never would in his real life and achieving the feeling of satisfaction as he thrived in the virtual world.

Along with all this adventure, it is fascinating to read Shun’s attempts to constantly try, and fail, to convince other players that he, in fact, was a boy rather than a girl.

The manga, with its simple story, is incredibly amusing to read. It is fast paced and focuses not only on the story but also on character development.

Through the beautifully written story portrayed by equally amazing art, we get to experience everything the characters are experiencing in the story. It has all the elements that a virtual reality fan would love along with anyone else who would love to enjoy a light reading.   

So, this is the complete and unbiased Only Sense Online review from our side. For more manga reviews, visit our website.

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