Rakujitsu no Pathos

Rakujitsu no Pathos

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Rating: Average 4.5 / 5 out of 56 total vote.
Rank: 34th, it has 9063 monthly views
Author(s): Tsuyatsuya
Artist(s): Tsuyatsuya
Genre(s): Adult, Drama, Romance, Seinen
Type: Manga


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Rakujitsu no Pathos is an ongoing manga written by Tsuyatsuya which was first released in November 2014. This manga serves as a classic example of Adult Mangas and Romance.

Fujiwara (From Rakujitsu no Pathos Mangazuki) is a single student who lives in an isolated neighborhood. The apartments are spacious but there’s one problem: the walls are too thin. This makes voices of other rooms penetrate through the walls easily. He gets to know that they’ll be new neighbors coming in so he hopes they aren’t noisy or else his life would become no less than hell.

But to his surprise, the next day he finds out that his neighbor is no other than Yuuki in Rakujitsu no Pathos Manga, the teacher who used to teach him in the past and was his first crush!

He finds out that Yuuki is married for 6 months and is trying to start a new life in the city. Yuuki in Rakujitsu no Pathos gets very lonely since his husband seems to always dwell himself in business concerns.

So she finds ways to make up for her loneliness at night. But remember what was wrong with the apartments? The thin walls!

Whatever happens in Yuuki’s room, Fujiwara listens.

How long will Fujiwara listen to her teacher’s moans through the walls and when will hw confront his past desires?

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