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When it comes to a highly realistic manga story, Star Martial God Technique is right up to the mark. If you don’t have much time, just read our honest Star Martial God Technique review and enjoy.

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 Star Martial God Technique Review

This is the complete and most honest Star Martial God Technique review for you.

There are only twelve ways to climb the Tower of God, and in legends, these twelve pathways lead towards an unbelievable street of everlasting status. These twelve paths are unreasonably long to the point that it can be said they exist without end.

Star Martial God Technique review

In olden times, there used to be numerous kinds of hand to hand fighting styles, unfortunately, the world experienced horrendous changes and just three were left: Flame, Dragon, and Star Martial Arts. Generations after generations of specialists in these fields of hand to hand fighting hunted and yearned for the street of everlasting status.

Star Martial God Technique Story

A Star Martial Arts expert, who has embarked on a voyage that will define his entire life, aspires to become the Highest God. The Star Martial God Technique is, as it is easy to tell, a modified version of Martial Arts. The plot is grand, and you can totally get onto it from the get-go.

The Star Martial God Technique story doesn’t immediately overwhelm you with facts, however. This is one of the reasons it really stands out from other Mangas that follow a similar serious and mysterious storyline. The story has a lighter tone to it and really allows you to have fun but still manages to keep you on your feet.

Star Martial God Technique Story

However, it gets darker little by little but honestly, having a nicer lighter feel to a story is a decent thing to have in the manga. Star Martial God Technique can be classified as ancient in a terrible sense too. Mangas like this have a weird way of steering things away from the actual story and really doing cartwheels around subplots.

Honestly, I can’t really tell you why I find this manga as amazing as I do, there isn’t much new about the plot but it’s still amusing at times and can really get you hooked! Star Martial God Technique has numerous great and awful things about it relying upon what you like in a manga. Maybe the flaws that you find aren’t flaws to me.

So, as far as I’m concerned I think this is great, though there is always room for improvement. Generally speaking however it’s a great read worth experimenting with, and I’m glad it even exists because it’s a great way to pass time! The MC is a bit too plain and a bit too overwhelmed for my liking, however, he has a great personality and has really managed to make an impression. I feel like the story gets better and better with every chapter I read!

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