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Another fantastic manga that you should have to read is Tales of Demons and Gods. It has an interesting story and you will get the value of your time with this manga for sure. If you are in short of time, then don’t worry, because we have made a complete Tales of Demons and Gods review and synopsis for you.

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Tales of Demons and Gods Review:

Here is the ultimate Tales of Demons and Gods review.

This series is ranked number one in all manga’s on Mangafox believe it or not and features a character named Nie Li (who simply wears too much orange and then transforms into a panda at times and is also the kind of an underdog in the story).

Tales of demons and gods review

Nie Li gets defeated by a huge godly boss at the beginning of the story (which is also kind of the end because it signifies the start of his new life and the end of it also) and is blasted into the past when he is 13 years old again in a twist of fate after which he ends up becoming an underdog with under-formed powers, but he also has the experience of a 200 year old which he carries with him and changes the fate of all his friends and the events that have happened in his past leading him to become all the more powerful and ending up, as you can guess in him defeating the demon god that made him a 13-year-old boy again.


The story features two romantic interests for Nie Li, a girl who doesn’t care about him at all who he obsesses over and another girl who really likes him and who he keeps ignoring, this of-course changes drastically as the story evolves further and relationships are tested.

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The art design is totally superb and while there is a lot of orange in it it still has a great art style and manages to bring a lot of people together, the female characters faces, however, are sometimes similar and that doesn’t really matter as long as you can distinguish the hairstyles.

Then again, it should also be said that tales of demons and Gods does resemble Naruto at time because Nie Li and Naruto seem to have a lot in common, from their love of orange (who wears so much orange and has orange hair?) Nie Li also has a girl after him just like Naruto does and both Naruto and Nie Li are hopelessly in love with a girl who doesn’t give a single damn about them.

There are differences in the two manga’s though, but maybe what’s similar and striking about the two manga’s is that the main character is kind of an underdog and that’s not wholly common in other Japanese mangas and that may be what gives this manga an edge over others.


In conclusion it can be said that this manga is completely amazing and will get you hooked in a way that you can’t stop reading it, you’ll develop feelings for all the characters and you’ll enjoy the main theme which is mostly about Nei Li manipulating the already known facts of his life and changing the events to lead to better outcomes, the story will also have you wanting more and more because it’s just that addictive.

So, we hope you have liked our Tales of Demons and Gods review. For more interesting manga reviews and synopsis, just visit the other pages of Mangazuki website.

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