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The New Gate manga is one of the best manga I have ever read. It has a great story but meantime this manga is long as well. So, that’s why Mangazuki has compiled a complete The New Gate review for you.

The New Gate Review

 “The New Gate” written by Kanzami Shinogi is an intriguing and inspiring Manga with a unique storyline and bold characters.

the new gate review

Basically, New Gate is an online game that trapped the players in the game which caused turmoil and incoherence. At very first, the plot and characters made little sense to me but soon the story seemed more relevant. The plot is easily understandable and the romanticist touch in the story makes it not an ecchi Manga.

The New Gate Complete Manga

The  New gate review starts with a story that revolves around fanatic tricks and tropes which are perfect for mature readers. A female lead, Elf is introduced who is trapped but is powerful and influential. The story is far from being generic with specific content which wasn’t even slightly boring.

I feel there should have been some editions to make the story stand more for itself i.e the combination of generic fantasy and bits of twists and turns would fascinate the reader a lot more but it was overall great!


In the coming time, I feel that the plot will revolve around Elf and six other high humans with conflict striking right through them with who the throne will go to still in the balance.

The New Gate Manga Story

The lead male role in the story is Shin but I do question what makes him so different from others. I concluded that he is a rich, tough, super brawny young man who is competent as he reached level 200 in the game before anyone else.

He possesses great power and intellect so no black spell works on him, which is one of the reasons why he is very popular.

I am crept by the mere idea of Shin falling in love with an NPC. One other thing that really stood out to me a lot was that Shin pokes his nose in other people’s business which is socially odd however it puts more bluntness to Shin’s character.

I think if someone is killed in the story at this point and time, the audience would love it.  The story is very well paced so it’s okay to miss an episode or two, as it is easy to hang on

The plot does not say a lot about other characters which is great and get an opportunity to learn about them closely.

The story has a moderate amount of action and fighting; not too much nor too less. This Manga does not update regularly, which is to bad. It might be a bit off-putting for some readers but it is great otherwise.  

However, the story is becoming more impressive by now as NPC is adding more powerful members to her crew and is giving a tough opposition to Shin which intrigues me.

So, this is The New Gate review from our website.

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