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Want to turn yourself into an anime? Turned Anime is the only way to do it! They have the best artists and options. Finding a gift can be like finding a needle in a haystack – but creating an image of yourself from your favorite style of anime is easy with them!

If you love anime, you’ll love them! Turned Anime is a one stop shop where you can submit your photo and once completed by their artists, you receive your very own cute anime portrait in return!

They love turning you into an anime character! It’s a great way for you to let your inner anime fan run wild. Whether you’re inspired by Naruto, Bleach or Attack on Titan and are looking for something like a portrait with your pets and friends, they will do their best to turn you into any style of anime! They offer full body designs as well as multiple shoulder-up designs aswell as portrait designs which are perfect for profile pictures!

Customise your own anime design by choosing the pose and outfit you want to be drawn in! There are some great themes already done, such as your favourite characters outfit or even a Christmas Special! With great ideas from all of the artists in the team, you’ll be able to create a beautiful design, you can even just leave it up to them to decide for you! They have a number of backgrounds for you to put your beautiful anime portrait onto – whether it is one of their backgrounds that can be applied to any anime, or perhaps the large range of backgrounds unique to specific styles of anime.

Their artists spend an enormous amount of time watching anime, reading manga and researching the entire anime culture so that they are always on top of the latest trends and are able to create pieces of art that their customers will not only love, but are also true to the current style of the anime. Many customers prefer to simply upload examples of what they would like to look like, which definitely speeds up the process and enables Turned Anime to get the style their customers want!

The process for getting an anime portrait with them is simple! Simply choose the amount of people you want in your custom portrait, then select the layout that you want – whether you want portrait, half body or full body, and then select from their range of backgrounds and you are almost there! The final steps are to upload the reference photos you want the artists to make your anime art piece look like, and then also add in any description that you want! The description box is where you can be really Specific, letting the artist know what type of clothing you want to be wearing, what pose you want to be in, what potential props you want included, the type of attitude you want your pet to have and also of course any other details like perhaps you want your hair colour changed!

Turn me anime! Get Turned Anime now!! Click to get started! Also be sure to follow them on instagram too: @turnedanime_

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