Why are you here Sensei!?

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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Rating: Average 5 / 5 out of 55 total vote.
Alternative Name: Nande koko ni sensei ga!?
Rank: 3rd, it has 135678 monthly views
Author(s): Soborou
Artist(s): Soborou
Genre(s): Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen
Type: Manga


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Why are you here Sensei!? is an ongoing manga written by Soborou, having up to 40 chapters since its first release.

This Why are you here Sensei!? is a comedy Adult Manga which includes the main characters named Ichirou Satou and Kana Kojima.

Ichirou Satou (From Why are you here Sensei!? Manga) is an average high school boy, aged 17 who recently finds out that Kana Kojima is his mother, his sensei’s senpai.

Kana Kojima in Why are you here Sensei!? on the other hand, is a literature teacher who has a messed reputation regarding her life. She’s known to be a pretty well off but is better known as to be a regrettable woman. A  troublemaker, to be exact.

And that is exactly what happens when she stumbles upon Ichirou at the laundries. Over there occurs an awkward erotic situation hosted by both of them. A mishap, predominantly sexual, happens multiple times between them and they try to work this awkward situation out throughout the storyline of the manga.

This a perfect Why are you here Sensei!? manga if you want an Adult Manga with hilarious comedy. Trust us, you’ll get the best of both genres in this manga!

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