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World's End Harem ReviewWorld’s End Harem Review

World’s end harem, also known as Shuumatsu No Harem, is a Japanese comic series written by LINK and drawn by Kotarou Shouno. It takes place in the year 2040 where everything is handled by AI. It follows the story of a man, Reito Mizuhara who falls in love with his fellow student, Erisa Tachibana.

While the love is mutual between the two, Reito has to go into cryo-sleep after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and wait for a cure for the disease.World's End Harem Manga review

Erisa promises to wait for him as long as it takes to find the cure, but things take a darker turn. Reito wakes up five years later in a dystopian society where a contagious and lethal disease, “The Man-Killer Virus” has wiped out 99.9% of the male population.

In the World’s End Harem manga, Reito is one of the few men alive who is tasked to help save humanity from extinction but refuses to become sexually intimate with anyone except his one true love, Erisa.

Reito soon finds out that Erisa has mysteriously disappeared and is only given a month’s time to find her after which he will not be given a choice in this matter. Reito, in his quest to search for his beloved, uncovers evidence about the virus that he was not supposed to; proof that the virus is not a natural phenomenon but the product of a conspiracy.

World’s End Harem is the story of a man’s battle for true love against his own sexual desires all the while knowing that the fate of humanity rests on him. This is an ongoing comic series with 5 volumes. It is more than just a science fiction comic; it is full of suspense with an erotic theme, set against the background of a utopian future.

So, this is the World’s End Harem review and a short story from our side, We hope you have liked it.

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