World’s End Harem Review, Summary & Short Story [Must Read Manga]

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World's End Harem ReviewWorld’s End Harem Review

World’s end harem, also known as Shuumatsu No Harem, is a Japanese comic series written by LINK and drawn by Kotarou Shouno. 

World’s End Harem “ illustrated and narrated by Kotarou Shounu is an amazing but not a pure science fiction manga, advisable to mature audiences.

The plot interests me a lot as a reader because it is not only about lust, desire, and sexual appeal but an efficient means to deal with an alarming situation in the world.

As far as the storyline was concerned, it was amazing. I was moved by the seriousness of social behaviors captured by the author and how people snub others in our society based on disadvantages.

World's End Harem Manga review

However, most people would interpret the surface meaning the manga gives and about how the public deals with some infected men and the threat they possess to the population.

It also shows how many people would react generically and how many would be far more unaccepting in these times, which is an amazing thought beautifully portrayed by the author.

I think the author has also shown aspects of loyalty and devotion as several men are shown in the manga to want to be loyal to just their significant others.

The way, in which infected men are put in cryosleep by the MC is another way reflected by the author to deal with an instant threat which seemed more provocative to me and triggered off the feelings of moral degeneration and brutality, which I believe is the effect he wished to achieve. I

For the most part, the characters did not share strong bonds of affection which adds to the feelings of being strangers in worlds that is basically under attack. Even though this Manga has an extraordinary storyline however it can get boring in some chapters. There were many moments when I felt exhilarated, metastasized and charged but then there were boring chapters as well, but that can be ignored because even the best of mangas have fillers.

There were only 5 men trying to save the entire generation of humans which was another factor that was exciting and was far beyond a science fiction but more of a melodramatic situation.

The best part is the continuation of chapters for a year with a great story to tell so, I was very excited and thankful, and so it is recommended to other Manga-holics.

It is considered to be an exploitable plot with an accustomed use of sexual relationships and nudity which is great to mature readers.

I won’t recommend it to the immature audience as the story has achieved heights of intimacy.

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